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Here are a few tips to remember when shopping around for your weekly grocery list that can actually save you half off your grocery budget.

1. Sign up for our email list

This will get our current best deals sent to you to help plan out your grocery lists. Sign up here.

2. Shop with us first

We know that our store may not have 100% of your grocery needs but coming here first will allow you to get the most out of your dollar.

We all know that the traditional stores run great ads, but where they get their money is the little things that add up quick. By coming to our store first you can knock off as much of your list as possible for a fraction of the cost.

3. Plan your meals around what we have in stock

By planning your meals around our inventory you will not have to shop around other stores and you’ll be able to save big!

  • Our grocery liquidation store that has an inventory that is constantly changing.
  • We always have unique foods that can make your weekly meals fun.

Have a big family? Check out our bulk frozen section that will help you plan out all the meals for the week with product you won’t be able to find at a normal grocery store.

  • Find full cuts of meat, full cases of chicken, bulk seafood, bulk side dishes, and more.

4. Look for colored price signs

  • Green Signs are our weekly ad products
  • Pink Signs are our Deals of The Day
  • Orange Signs are our clearance products
  • Red Tagged items are our last chance discounts

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